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A West Coast-native, Hunter Nelson longed for his “Maine lobster experience” after he returned home from summers in Maine. Sure that others felt the same way - as Maine lobsters seem to have this effect - Hunter turned his passion for the product into reality through Lobster Taxi with his good friend, Nicolas Rosen. Lobster Taxi offers premium live lobster only from Maine, local dessert favorites like Whoopie Pies, and so much more all available online at LobsterTaxi.com

Hunter Nelson is no stranger to entrepreneurship as Hunter started his first company at age eight. Today, eight years later as a seasoned businessperson, Hunter has opened his newest company, Lobster Taxi, an online overnight shipper of live Maine lobster throughout the United States.

"When buying Maine lobsters at the supermarket anywhere outside of Maine, you do not know how long the lobster has been outside of their natural habitat.” said Hunter. "The difference in taste between Supermarket lobster and Lobster Taxi’s is enormous”, read our blog by Nicolas to know why. Hunter says that he started Lobster Taxi to share with people “The Maine Experience with Anyone, Anywhere!”. Order Today!

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