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Canadian Lobster vs. Maine Lobster

The question is, “Are Maine Lobsters and Canadian Lobsters different species?” This question is asked a lot and the a...

Lobster Laws in Maine

There are many restrictions and laws for catching lobsters in the ocean, lobsters are very well respected, maybe more...

Famous Lobster Newberg

What is Lobster Newberg you might ask? Lobster Newberg is a very famous lobster dish in America and in American histo...

Live Lobster or Frozen Lobster?

Should I order Live Lobster or Frozen Lobster? This is a very good question and there are many reasons and personal p...

The Difference Between Farmed Fish and Lobster Taxi’s Freshly Caught Fish and Shellfish

Lobster Taxi’s live Maine lobster is a delicacy and is enjoyed with respect, unfortunately, there is a thing called “...

Why Lobster Taxi’s Maine lobster are Better than Local Lobster

Many people ask us at Lobster Taxi, “Why should I order Maine lobster online rather than just go to my local supermar...
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